SEM Released

We are excited to finally release our Size Enrichment Module (SEM). SEM has been in development at DNG for over a year. Our SEM was tested by our R&D team for 6 months before it was moved to your production environment. For the last 6 months SEM has been used by our certified Oxford Nanopore sequencing team to enhance the sequencing runs of our clients.

SEM is a unique formulation that allows for the rapid enrichment of high molecular weight DNA from samples with a heterogenous mixture of lengths. The efficiency of the ligation reaction, used in ONT LSK-0109 sequencing kits, always favors the shortest products. In the figure to the Fig. 1 the red sample is a heterogenous mixture of lengths and the shortest DNA fragments are preferentially ligated and sequenced. Our SEM selectively increases the amount of high molecular weight DNA in a sample (Fig. 1 blue) thereby increasing the ligation efficiency to those products. The end result are sequencing libraries with nearly double the length. We are excited to finally offer this product to research community.






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